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Featured Consultants

Cristian Riquelme

Civil Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Santiago de Chile, Master in Technological Innovation and entrepreneurship, with a post-specialization in Innovation at the University of San Francisco, USA and an MBA at the Federico Santa Maria Technical University.

18 years of work Experience; Senior Specialist Consultant in Mineral Crushing and Grinding Processes, he has worked in national and international engineering companies. Wide experience in Crushing and Grinding Plants diagnosis, design and revision in operation and, in laboratory-pilot testing supervision for industrial escalation.


He has made presentations at national and international congresses, and Mineral Comminution technical publications. He also has imparted Slab and Grinding courses in Chile and abroad.


Aquiles Rasjido

Great experience and solid knowledge of Planning, Programming, Maintenance Engineering, Maintenance Activities Control, and Supervision and Industrial Equipment Operation of Mineral Treatment Plants, such as: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Crushing; Grinding and Floating; Molybdenum, Industrial Water Recovery, Cal Preparation; Solar Drying and Copper Concentrates Filtering; Acid Cured in Conveyor Belts; High Capacity Mineral Stacking System; Ripis Excavation, Removal and Stacking System. Development of continued improvement studies and projects to improve maintenance indicators.

  • Mechanical Technician in Machines and Tools

  • Mechanical Execution Engineer

  • Licensed in Engineering Sciences

  • Mechanical Civil Engineer

  • Master in Operations Management and Quality Management and Innovation.


Jorge Ipinza, Ing. -Dr. Sc.

Metallurgical Civil Engineer and Doctor on Engineering Sciences with a mention on Metallurgy from the University of Concepción also has a specialization in Electrochemistry from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels), Belgium. He has participated in various Projects of Metallurgical Engineering applied in important Chilean Mining Companies and he is the author of many International Journals and Congress articles. He has a wide experience in teaching Engineering and in Ph. D conduction. From 2008 to 2013 he worked as Head of the Continuing Education Area and Internal Metallurgy Consultant at JRI Engineering.

In addition, he is the Technical and Sales Manager of JRCap. Since 2013, he's been holding the position of academic-researcher of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria (Federico Santa Maria Technical University) and Coordinator of the Mining Civil Engineering career.


Miguel Mardones Lillo, Ph. D.

Miguel Mardones is a Chemist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with a Ph. D in Chemistry from the University of Texas - Austin, USA.

He has 30 years of experience at the Design of Systems for  Control and Neutralization of Toxic Gases and Odour for Flotation plants and others. His work experience started as a Research Scientist for the Science and Technology Center at the University of Texas, then as Project Manager and Principal Investigator at the Mining and Metallurgy Investigation Center (CIMM). He later worked as the Director of the Environmental Technologies Program at Intec-Fundación Chile, and then as the Pacific Chemical Manager and Founder.

He is currently a Senior Process Consultant.


Silvia Lagos, Ing. -Dr. Sc.

Her work is characterized by the integration of Engineering with Biology, the Social and Environmental Sciences, in search of the competitiveness and sustainability of productive processes, the safety, and the health of people.

With a 24 year career, she developed herself the first 17 years as an Academic at the University of Concepción, where she did undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, applied research and consultancies for Fundacion Chile, Forestal Production Group and mining companies like Codelco and Collahuasi.


She had written scientific and production articles of Human Performance, Productive Ergonomics, and Heavy Work, published by CONICYT, Ministry of Labor and The International Labor Organization (ILO).


Since 2010, she had worked in Engineering Companies for Mining, such as JRI Engineering, SNC Lavalin and Claropa Mining Consulting in positions of Project Manager, Area Head and Specialist Engineer in preparing training and commissioning plans for workers at mines such as Codelco-Andina, Minera Disputada, Codelco-DMH, Codelco-Chuquicamata.


Nowadays, she is the CEO of Industria & Mineria and Mining Consultant on Productive Ergonomics issues, Strategic Planning, Occupational Health, Safety, Working Life Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Workers Training.


Industrial Civil Engineer with a Ph.D. in Science, University of Concepción. Risk Prevention Expert, with a Diploma in Ergonomics and Heavy Work Expert of the National Ergonomic Commission.


Mario Arredondo

10 years in project management for mineral processing plants. Senior Consultant in design, commissioning, and operation of mineral concentration plants.

30 years as Operations Superintendent and Milling and Flotation Plants manager in medium and large size plants (capacity of 10,000 to 130,000 t / per day with allocations between 50 and 800 people)    

  • Caserones - Lumina Copper. 

    • Plant Manager.​

  • Mining Company Doña Inés de Collahuasi. 

    • Plant Manager.​

    • Concentration Operations Superintendent.

  • Codelco Chile -  El Salvador Division.

    • Concentrating Plants Manager.​

  • Anglo American, Mantos Blancos Mine.

    • Concentration Plant Superintendent.

Leader in commissioning, startup, operations, and optimization of crushing plants, traditional grinding, SAG grindings, tailings operation, and water recovery.


He has participated in 8 commissioning processes and startup of concentrating plants.



Civil Mining Engineer with a minor in Extractive Metallurgy, University of Chile.

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